influencer Belohnungsprogramme


Earn up to $20 for each person that signs up using your code and an additional $10 for each 5th person that you invite.


Promotional site. Automatic sign up bonus of $25. Referral bonus of $10 per referral sign up and $2 per link click


Easy as pie, you get $25 when you first sign up, $2 if anyone even clicks your link and $10 when ever anyone else signs up


AltasCash pays you for referring friends and family to their website. You can earn up to $10 per referral. Want to know why it works and where the money comes from? Share your referral link, and you receive $2 for everyone who clicks on your link and $10 for every person who registers using your referral link

Tap 2 Earn

Doing tasks, working on writing reviews, reading reports, there is so much to do to make money. You make money for just sharing on social media.


$25 bonus when you sign up $10 per referral


You have four levels (Beginner, Influencer, Unicorn and Star). You need to invite new people to level up, and do recommendations, and other tasks.

The Plug

Invite-only plaftorm for influencers to connect with brands.


Early beta users can use the product for free, create AIs and establish their presence on the platform for AI.