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For each friend who signs up with your referral, you will earn 100 bonus points! You can refer a maximum of 20 friends.


1. Invite your friends and family to 23andMe by sharing your referral link with them. 2. Your friends and family will receive a minimum of 10% off their 23andMe order. 3. You will receive an Amazon Gift Card valued up to $20 by email for each qualifying order after the order ships.


All referrals will get a 5% discount off their order. You will earn a 5% commission in Rewards Credit from each existing customer order, or $5 Rewards Credit if the referral is a new customer.


After your referred friends use your link to install Flashfood and make their first purchase, they'll get $5 in credit, and you'll get $7. Invite as many friends as you can and rack up the dough that's $7 every time. Cha-ching!

Rick Johns Dental

Our members haven't found much information on Rick Johns Dental's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Rick Johns Dental offers for other members benefit.


Our members haven't found much information on Whealthy's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify Whealthy offers for other members benefit.


The referred user gets $10 when using a referral link.


Research has shown that working out with friends can make you more active. Refer your friends, and for each friend who signs up, you’ll both earn bonus points! Evidation will automatically credit you and your friend with 100 points once a new friend creates an account using your referral code and connects an app or completes an offer on Evidation. You can earn friend referral bonus points for up to 20 of the friends you refer. After you have referred 20 friends who activate their account, you will no longer earn bonus points for referrals.


Free £5 (or €5) credit for next food purchase.

310 Nutrition

Every successful referral gets you 200 Loyalty Points, good for a $10 Gift Card