community Belohnungsprogramme

Both the referring and invited users receive 20 coins upon new sign-up. These coins can be used on the platform toward premium features and help you get more visibility for your profile.

Swissborg Community

For each friend who creates an account on the app and enters the referral code you will both receive 3000 points.


You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 50 search reward tokens, and has been active 30 days after their initial sign up.


You get 75 Torum for signing up with the referral. Earn more for following and doing simple tasks.


Just sign up! and you'll get these listings automatically added to your business account. You're ready to make 40 free listings to sell anything on etsy!


Invite your friends to and GET 10 INSTAR per referral as soon as your friend completes 3 activities!


Get 100 points immediately and an additional 10% of the amount your friend spends in the community.


You 20,000 power for each friend you refer


Each person you refer, you both get $100 in Bitcoin, and you also receive a percentage or your referees and their referred invites.

We Share Abundance

You get 10% of any amount your referral uses to buy pools